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Welcome to the Safiyah Satterwhite brand, where we believe that authenticity fuels joy, laughter and fresh air makes the world a better place, and every woman deserves to love her life while she changes the world. 

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Helping You Activate Freedom & Joy {Now}

LEADERSHIP    BUSINESS  +  A meaningful life

Helping heart driven women entrepreneurs create more freedom in their lives, farm fresh foods, and frolicking around France every chance I get.

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In a fast paced world, I found my center in moments of 'slow'. 
I knew how to run the race; I founded a multi-million dollar organization, graduated Ivy League with 2 Masters Degrees and a Doctorate, got to the top of my field before 30 and worked myself into the ground with cause after cause, only to find that meaning for me, was found in freedom.
Today I use my 'traditional' smarts to creatively design a life I love and I am here to help you do the same.

...Just a girl who fell in love with changing the lives of women entrepreneurs around the globe.

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After supporting thousands of women and leaders around the globe - I know what my people want; a greater impact, more freedom and a bigger bottom line in their business without selling their soul.

Your happiness MATTERS

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Through our programs, we help you better align your work to your calling and create more time to live the life you really want.

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You CAN have a beautiful impact, freedom, and a business you LOVE.


Safiyah and I had been working together for less than one month and already I felt my business up-leveling like never before. Safiyah helped me to expand my vision and make it my most successful launch yet. In just the first three days I generated more than $7,000! This made February my biggest month as an entrepreneur so far earning over $23,000 in income for the month!

"because of Safiyah I had my biggest month in business yet."

Kaela Gedda, Life Coach

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Since receiving support from Safiyah, I have raised my prices for my three-month program and am attracting clients who are interested in paying me what I have always been afraid to charge. I have been featured on the cover of two online magazines, podcasts, as well as radio shows. I am confident when it comes to contacting potential clients and am clear on what I need to do each week to keep moving forward in my business.  Thank you Safiyah!

"I was divinely led to Safiyah for support"

Jolinda Johnson
Fertility Coach

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