Finding Slow in New York? My trip to Brooklyn.

May 15, 2018

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Let today be the day that we stop glorifying “busy” – alignment, flow and space = JOY

This week I have been working with my clients on slowing down.

Strolling streets
Cooking slow
Taking time
Creating space

“When we create “space”, we give flow an opportunity to enter our lives”. Dr.S



This week has felt very busy for me.

Between client calls, group programs, two graduation ceremonies (1 of them being my own), and preparing for another trip to Europe, I have had to be very intentional about staying grounded and finding space.

Because my graduation ceremony is in the city, I had a chance and the challenge to chase slow in the middle of 1 of the busiest cities in the world.

So…..instead of giving into the hustle…

I decided to head to Williamsburg, Brooklyn one morning to walk the quiet streets and give myself some brain space to wander.

Here is where I went, these are the shops I love, and I hope it helps you if you ever find yourself in New York City – chasing SLOW.




My husband and I are both foodies, so when we were dating, traveling around the city to find the best spots to eat was something that we looked forward to every Friday night. We heard for quite some time about a small place called “pies and thighs” on the corner of South 4th and Driggs, but delayed checking it out because fried food hasn’t really been our thing.

Well, after hearing about lines around the corner, we finally decided to see what all the talk was about.

Paying this little gem of a restaurant a visit cannot be understated. The line is typically long but the wait is always worth it. Clean eating might have to hang in the back seat for the day, but your stomach will thank you for the savory biscuits and other southern staples.

If you are visiting the Williamsburg area and it is time for lunch or dinner, pay pies and thighs a visit, if you get there early enough, a quiet yet tasty lunch will be within reach.


(Just dont blame me for the calories =) )



And if you just cant shake the guilt of indulging for a day, there is a quaint market a few blocks up where you can grab fresh produce and meats to cook for later.

It’s so beautiful that in the middle of a concrete jungle, you can still stumble on a place to find good ole farm to table nourishing food.



Strolling down Driggs Ave is refreshing, engaging and fun – meandering by the playgrounds that line the street, cute flower shops and even the hustle and bustle in the distance can make you feel connected yet calm.

During my trip I stumbled into a cute lifestyle boutique that kept me busy browsing threads for quite some time.

The people and pieces at Concrete and Water are hip, the block is quiet and the shop is very Anthropologie (loved it).



Further up the road was a small bakery featuring macaroons which reminded me of a lovely baking class I have coming up in France. I didnt take a moment to swing in but later found out that the baked goods sold are to die for.

I missed my chance to try, but if you check it out, let me know how they are – I will be back soon to try them for myself.



I ended the day in Brooklyn Heights, strolling by the river, adoring the beautiful homes and checking out the new cafe’s on Montague street.


With such beautiful weather, I could have stayed all day.


So, tell me – are you chasing slow in New York? Where is your favorite place to hang?


P.S: Want to attend my graduation virtually? Share the moment with me in real time by following me on Instagram here . I will be sharing bits of it on stories.


I’d love to see you.

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  1. Rita Fowler

    May 17th, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    This is the neighborhood that I grew up in. Even though it has been many years since I have taken the opportunity to visit my old neighborhood. I look forward in venturing in Williamsburg again and enjoying some of the foods that are still dear to my heart and family traditions.

    I will always be a BROOKLYNITE for life!!

    God bless

  2. safiyahsatterwhite

    May 22nd, 2018 at 11:15 pm

    Sounds lovely Rita. Always a Brooklynite for sure ! Thanks for reading – xo

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