The Self Care Blueprint: London Edition

June 14, 2018

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A different LOVE story…..

I used to think of travel as a time to solely have fun and do all of the things that I dont get to do during the daily grind.

I used to fill my vacation days with lengthy excursions, burn myself out from social outings, and would then frequently find myself returning back home more exhausted than when I left.

It wasnt until I began my business that I allowed myself to experience travel as transformation.

…An opportunity to invest in my body and mind so that I return home each time more creative, more fueled, and feeling more loved than before.

Integrating travel into our lives should no longer be a seldom privileged vacation, it is a necessary part of functioning and showing up effectively in a business that requires us to be the chief creative officer, artistic director and visionary each and every day.

London was a divine reflection of this for me and for the first time, I allowed myself to just BE, explore, find calm in the sometimes chaos of a busy city and follow my intuition about where I needed to be next.

…Which resulted in lots of pampering, exploring and a few good drinks with friends because THAT is what my soul needed.

So in the spirit of Self Care and where I spent most of my time, I have outlined a daily blueprint for you, in hopes that you will find some direction and recommendations for your next trip to the Square Mile.

The Self Care BluePrint: A Divine Day of Care in LONDON



I was fortunate to stay at a few places during my time in London. I enjoy visiting various hotels and seeing the differences in amenities, food, service etc.

For me, the ‘stay’ is the best part of travel and each place during this visit was absolutely exquisite.

From the handwritten notes and room service at the Ritz London

To the quiet areas and well-designed spaces to work from at the Franklin Hotel in quiet Kensington…



To the NYC style luxury of the Wellesley UK

…and although all of these spaces helped to make my trip feel like home – if I only had 1 night I would actually stay at the Wellesley.

The Wellesley, was centrally located, right around the corner from Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace, making it easy for me to find food, catch the TUBE (the subway), sightsee and visit my favorite spa at the Four Seasons Park Lane for a beautiful facial that made everything right.

I loved the morning soaks in the tub overlooking the rooftops of London, and my room felt cozy and spacious. A bonus is that they also provided me with complementary transportation in their beautiful Rolls Royce if I was traveling anywhere within a mile, which helped me to get around with ease.


{I felt like a movie star}




In my opinion, a day of self-care is not complete without a spa ritual, service or wellness experience. Although I tried daily to look for a good yoga place, finding one was not as easy as it is in the U.S, so I decided to head to the Four Seasons for one of the BEST facials I have ever had.

The therapists there know their stuff, the facilities were beautiful and included access to a sauna, steam room, whirlpool and an immaculate changing and relaxation room to top the day off.

I was rejuvinated and refreshed and have found my signature SPA.


This is probably one of the down sides to visiting this city.

Finding multi cultural food is typically not a problem but local traditional food is not the BEST.

However, I am a tea drinker, and as we all know, London is known for its focus on tea. So I frequented the Ritz for tea time during and before my stay and filled up on lovely tea cakes, various teas and YES, dare I say sweets.

The high tea at the Ritz is an experience and a MUST if you are looking for calming social activities, good conversation and a relaxing lunch. There is a live pianist, coat check and the teas were absolutely delicious.

Divine, divine, divine is all I can say.


After a day of the spa, tea time, and of course strolling the streets looking for creative inspiration (like a tourist), for dinner, you can end your evening back at the hotel, with delightful room service and a movie to suit, which I did most nights of my trip.


Overall making my time well spent and a MUST for at least an annual visit.


Self care is not selfish – it is an investment and a gift to ensure that you can give everyone else your all. Whether you are visiting a luxurious city, a quaint island, or roughing it in the woods, find the space to be pampered, and refreshed – your business and your body will thank you!


What is your favorite place to go to refuel?

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