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July 4, 2018

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Episode One of the She Heals The World Talk Show tells my story and why I created this movement 6 years ago.  Our episodes highlight conversations and insights that support the values of self-care, creative and personal freedom, slower living, happiness, health, and wellness. I want to give you content that connects and supports personal growth, freedom and fulfillment in our everyday lives. Thanks so much for joining me, press play to listen in !


Hi there.

This is Safiyah Satterwhite, otherwise known as Dr. S, jumping on for episode 1 of the She Heals The World Talk Show, to give some background about why this show is created, where the inspiration came from and kind of be the prelude to the amazing gals that you’re going to hear about as we go along this beautiful and marvelous journey together.

So,  I wanted to be the person to open up episode one to give you the necessary background that might help add a little bit of flair to the future episodes.

This podcast and the whole She Heals The World movement actually came about, six years ago, it wasn’t always called that, but I started my business and my brand at that time.

The company really was created to help empower, inspire and encourage women to think more creatively about their lives.

I’ve encountered hundreds, probably even thousands of women, since then who are living mediocre lives; feeling like the wind just got knocked out of them and that they’re just kind of existing.

They have lost their passion, their direction and most of them are overworked and burned out. They just are not familiar with what they can do to change their situation. I can only speak from that level of knowledge and understanding because I was there as well.

I remember about 10 years ago now I launched my very first startup.[00:01:48] It was a multimillion-dollar school and I became a 25-year-old CEO and principal. It was my first entrepreneurial venture; I raised millions of dollars to get this amazing movement off the ground to really help change the lives of kids in the community and loved every single second of it.

But it was my life.

I was completely and 100 percent buried in my mission and that soon represented how I did everything.

I became a doctoral student when I transitioned the school into new leadership and I moved onto the board.

I got promoted to this very high level of leadership in New York City and then I became a consultant and was consulting with leaders nationally – all by the age of 30.

I thought everything was great …until…

One day, I walked past the mirror and I almost didn’t recognize myself.

I had gained 40 pounds.

My hair had thinned and it was almost falling out.

I had bags under my eyes and I thought to myself – this cannot be what success looks like.

What happened to you?

That wake up call urged me to revamp my entire way of living.

Yes I was so proud of the work that I did.

[00:03:47] And yes I was happy to be a part of these movements that I built and to be at the level that I was at that age.

However, I knew that there had to be another way of still having an impact in this world while having my freedom as well.

That caused me to do some soul-searching.

I had a coaching certification in my doctoral program, so I was a certified coach and very familiar with work-life balance.

In fact I was always preaching to other people about what they needed for happiness and until then didn’t realize that I needed to look at myself.

My health was declining.

I was not feeling good.

I was 100 percent engrossed in my work and all I was – was my work.

So I thought, If I’m smart enough to get it to this level, I have to be smart enough to figure out another way of working so I don’t have to sacrifice myself in the process.

And so from there I made a commitment to emphasize my own self care.

I totally wanted to change my way of being and living, which actually caused me to quit my job (the high-level one that I felt like I worked so hard for)…

I walked away from it all and I decided to create a life of freedom.

A beautiful amazing life which isn’t perfect but is on its way and is being newly formed every day that goes by.

[00:05:24] Since that day which was nearly six years ago now I have been able to travel around the world and visit places that I never imagined. I’ve been to Paris and London and the South of France and Barcelona and the Caribbean Islands and I’ve worked in different states across the U.S almost every single month.

I’ve been able to invest more in my relationships.

I’ve lost THE weight.

Can we say that with a smile?

My hair is growing back.

Can we say that with a smile?

You know there’s so much that shifted in me and in my health that was really a result of just emphasizing personal leadership and leading my life and my body in a way that was more authentic and more fulfilling.

And so there was a process to this and it didn’t just happen overnight.

I had to figure out

  • how to make money from my gifts and my talents.
  • how to design a business and a lifestyle that allows me to do all of this.
  • what does self-care look like?
  • what does freedom look like?
  • how do I live slowly?

And so I’m hoping that this work can speak to those women who feel like they’re ready to explore something but they just don’t know what that new thing could be.

I also hope that this work can speak to the women who already started something new.

Perhaps they’re coaching, or owning their own yoga studio or creating online courses, or are Instagram influencers but they haven’t figured out yet how to really make it work right.

[00:07:38] Either they’re burnt out, not really balancing their lives or they haven’t figured out the business aspect of it..

Or perhaps it’s just about leading and learning how to lead more effectively in their personal and work life as well.

So this podcast covers it all and is to share inspirational stories of women entrepreneurs who are completely emphasizing wellness, self-care, creative and personal freedom, slower living, happiness, health, and wellness in their lives and sharing their methods to help you live your absolute best life.

If I can help just one more woman be there for herself, like really be there and not just put the blinders on to who she is being and how she is being and how she’s feeling in her body and in her mind – if I can help her create the space that she needs to heal or to fix her marriage or even finally take that trip to Paris – it would have all been worth it.

So, welcome to the She Heals The World talk show, you’re going to hear the stories of heart driven women living free.

We are all on a journey.

[00:09:28] I believe that by sharing our stories, it will help you to reflect on your own experience and figure out how to create a better life for you, because when you are supported and when you are happy and when you are well taken care of, the effect that you have on the people around you is absolutely miraculous.

Me showing up differently has helped to change the lives of the people that I’m in sisterhood and community with. And I know that by you showing up differently will help change the lives of people you are in sisterhood and community with.

So to be a part of the movement and to start your own conversations about how you want to create that best life for you, I really encourage you to join the She Heals The World Facebook Group because that’s going to be our place where we hang, create sisterhood and relationship.

You can also visit the site at She Heals The World to make sure that you are subscribed so that you get the episodes as soon as they come out.

I have some amazing guests coming on and I cannot wait to share tips on Freedom, Self Care, Social Media, Instagram and more with you.

[00:11:24] My goal for each episode is to really provide content that connects and that supports your personal growth, freedom and fulfillment in your everyday life and in my everyday life as well.

So I’m so blessed to have you here and I’m so excited that you listened to this first quick episode that was just laying the foundation for what to expect as we go along.

It allowed me to share my story with you.

If you want to connect with me in any way, you can do that on the website or you can find my own Instagram and personal Facebook on the Website as well – I hope that you subscribe.

So welcome to the She Heals The World Talk Show Episode 1!

Happy to have you!

Signing Off.

Dr. S

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