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  [Press PLAY] For the She Heals The World Talk Show Episode 3 we share the story of Jolinda Johnson. Jolinda is a fertility coach, living in Barcelona Spain who is talking to us today about women’s health and creating a coaching practice. I love this episode because we don’t just talk about business and […]

I used to study very successful people – I was curious about their lifestyle, habits, beliefs, and routines. I wanted to know how they remained focused, stayed productive and gave the world their “all”. The similarities amongst most were very consistent; waking up early, working out, and creating a to-do list that was a mile high. I […]

    Do you feel out of whack?   Are you craving alignment and balance in your life?   Listen in to this interview with my gifted client Amy Walker to hear what you can do about it.           Our life planning journals are going to be released in the summer […]

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